Cambodia 1975-1979

film titles


Molyka Bin: It Burned me

Director: Molyka Bin Title: It Burned Me, 2011, 13:18, NTSC, 4:3 Synopsis Is a short video documentary about a case of an acid attack in Cambodia. It features a real life case of Thong Kham, a lady who became an…
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Nico Mesterham : Pepperfields

Directors: Nico Mesterham (Cambodia) Mark Hammond (USA) Title: Pepperfields, 2010, 23:05 Synopsis A hundred years ago, the region of Kampot in Cambodia was well known across Europe as an agricultural province, producing “the best pepper in the world”. Due to…
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META House: 4 shorts

Directors Nico Mesterham (Cambodia) Mark Hammond (USA) Four Films from the Factories 1. A DAY IN THE FACTORY, 2010, 7.24 2. A DAY AROUND THE FACTORY, 2010, 7.22 3. A DAY OFF FROM THE FACTORY, 2010, 7.44 4. A WEEKEND…
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