Cambodia 1975 – 1979

The film collection – Cambodia 1975-1979 – is a corporate part of CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collevtions, a worldwide unique initiative addressed to young generations of artists and film makers to deal with topic of collective trauma caused by totalitariansm byusing new technologies and contemporary approaches in order to activivate and sensitize the audience via art.

Founded in 2012 by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, “Cambodia 1975-1979” – is consisting of more than 40 short documentaries by young Cambodian filmmakers, deading with the Cambodian genocide taken place 1975-1979, and the post-genocide era until these days, which are still fundamentally influenced by the genocide and the destruction of a whole nation.

The films show the attempts to return to normality in daily life by reflecting the collective trauma, as well as showing the perspectives for the future of young people who are born and raised up after the genocide.

So, this collection has the potential to give the viewer outside of Cambodia an inside view to the current Cambodian society, which mostly is not possible by visiting Cambodia as a tourist.

The films show the attempts to overcome a collective national trauma,
and by documenting and viewing the numerous interviews and statements, the viewer is building up an emotional relation and an understanding for another culture.

The collection “Cambodia 1975 – 1979” is a collaboration between Agricola de Cologne, artvideoKOELN and META HOUSE Phnom Penh and DMC – Department of Media and Communication @ Royal University of Phnom Penh sponsored by GIZ – Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Germany).

Particular thanks to
Nico Mesterham, director of Meta House Phnom Penh
Sopheak Sao, Cambodian filmmaker
Andre Hartlapp,GIZ & DMC – Royal University of Phnom Penh